Election expert believes The Labor Party(Ap) loses 80 mayors

Monday 28, May 2018

TV 2’s speech expert Terje Sørensen does not believe the Labor Party gets more than 120 mayors in next year’s municipal elections. Today, the party has 203 mayors.

“About 50 of today’s mayors are at risk of losing to the Center Party,” says Sørensen to Bergens Tidendene.

The Labor Party has so far in May an average support of 24.3 percent, according to BT. It is 8.7 percentage points lower than the total  results for municipal elections in 2015. However, party leader Jonas Gahr Støre does not worry about Sørensen’s forecasts.

– Such predictions are always heard. But I think we will take a lot of time for the election, “Støre told the newspaper.

He believes what will determine the local elections is whether the voters believe the Labor Party has delivered while they have been in power in the municipalities. The goal is to keep all the more than 200 AP mayors.

“I think most of our mayors have very good results to show and will be re-elected,” says Støre.

Russian spy at meetings with Norwegian authorities

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Russian Security Police FSB has had a man in Russian delegations at meetings with Norwegian national and regional authorities for a number of years.

NRK is confirmed by sources related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finnmark County Municipality that Norwegian authorities have long been familiar with the Russian mission for Russian intelligence, FSB.

The FSB man has been a part of the Russian delegation at a number of meetings and conferences in Barents and Business Cooperation between Norway and Russia, including the Church Conference.

He also participated in bilateral meetings between Norway and Russia with Jonas Gahr Støre as Norwegian Foreign Minister. The FSB man remains central in Norwegian-Russian cooperation.

A number of people who have held management positions in Finnmark County Municipality say “it has been a known matter” that the relevant person in official delegations from northwestern Russia has been assigned a task for the Russian security police as well as the role of developing cooperation over border.

Finnmark County Municipality has therefore requested representatives from either the Foreign Ministry or the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk to be present at such meetings, NRK informed of informed teams.

The county councilor in Finnmark, Øystein Ruud, said he had not been aware of the Russian’s affiliation with the FSB, but stated that Finnmark has now initiated a cooperation with the Police Security Service, PST.

Senior Adviser in PST, Annett Aamodt, will not comment on the specific case, but confirms that the intelligence business with Norway is great.

Press Attaché at Russia’s Embassy in Norway, Olga Kiriak, finds it difficult to comment on the matter based on the information available. However, she writes in an e-mail that it may be natural that Russian border authorities, which are part of the FSB, participate in Russian delegations.

“In the case of security issues, migration or borders, it is natural that representatives of special services, included in a delegation,” writes Kiriak.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not comment on the matter. Communications Manager Frode Overland Andersen writes in an e-mail that questions must be asked for PST because “they are responsible for Norway’s intelligence against Norway”.

Young less optimists – highly educated increase the head start

Wednesday 23 May 2018

The future trend falls among young people under the age of 30, while those with the highest education look increasingly luminous on their own economic prospects.

Even the Norwegian people have a positive view of their own and the country’s economic future, but for the first time in a long time there are signs of spreading in the field, according to the forecast barometer, which the financial industry’s main organization, Finans Norge, is behind.

The survey presented Wednesday shows that young people’s optimism is declining – while increasing for other groups. And most of them grow the economic future of those with more than four years of higher education.
Living the Dream

Managing Director Idar Kreutzer in Finance Norway points out that many young people are struggling to enter the housing market, while a possible interest rate hike goes further.

The challenge is the mortgage regulation, which requires banks to claim 15 percent equity for the vast majority of loan customers.

– Many under 30 years of permanent employment and an income that initially indicates that they can manage a loan, struggles to provide sufficient equity. When they neither have parents who can put up, the road into the housing market becomes long and heavy, adds information director Tom Staavi in ​​Finance Norway.
Fear of regulation

The call from the financial industry’s main organization is therefore clear:

– This shows how important the work of the mortgage regulation is. Banks must have the opportunity to run good banking, so that young people with jobs and income – but without equity that satisfy the 15 per cent requirement – nevertheless enter the housing market, “Kreutzer says.

– It will be an accident for this group if the Ministry of Finance listens to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s proposal to tighten further on the mortgage regulation. Our proposal is to expand the limits for how much banks can deviate from the 15 percent equity requirement, which will give banks more room for exercising good banking, says Staavi to NTB.
Safer jobs?

The economic future trend has spread to all education groups in the last year. But now the highest educators move heavily from the rest of the hopes.
Kreutzer believes that the introspection of robotization and artificial intelligence in working life becomes applicable.

“The figures may indicate that those with the highest education experience less fear, probably because they perceive that their jobs are harder to replace with robots,” he told NTB.
New oil revival

Although optimism over the last year has been above the average since the forecast barometer measurements began in 1991, the future confidence is still good during the years between the financial crisis and the oil depletion.

“It may indicate that it is slowly beginning to realize that oil revenues mean a lot to us and that in the future we must create very many jobs in other sectors if we are to manage to maintain welfare levels. We are feeling stronger today, than when the oil price was over $ 100 a barrel, and the money was ranting while we had a great salary settlement, low interest rates and low inflation, “Staavi said.

The expectation barometer is a quarterly survey conducted in collaboration between Finans Norge and Kantar TNS. A representative sample of around 1,000 people is interviewed on the phone with questions about expectations for own and the country’s economy.

Government cuts in free legal aid:

Tuesday 22 May 2018

A mockery of people who are poor

In revised state budget, the grant for free legal aid is cut by NOK 87 million. Petter Eide (SV) believes the government is in charge of a winding up of the scheme.

I think this is very dramatic. The whole idea of ​​the scheme is that people should have equal access to justice. It should not be that they have better access to justice than others, “says Eide to Dagbladet.

The essence of the case is that the income limit that determines who qualifies for free legal aid has remained quiet for almost ten years. At the same time, wages and salaries are adjusted after inflation and increased living costs. This means that more and more qualified people for free legal aid now come above the income limit.

It is a pillar in the rule of law that is being eroded. We have previously seen that support for organizations that run free legal aid is cut, and now it is also cut in what goes for legal aid, “says Eide.

One of the groups who, in practice, loses the right to free legal aid, are young people in disability who receive the minimum pension. The basic amount is currently NOK 247,000, only NOK thousand more than the income limit for free legal aid of NOK 246,000.

It’s a mockery of people who are poor. And it’s closing the justice system for a group that has little money, as the whole scheme is meant to avoid. Young people with a benefit of 247,000 a year will now have to pay for the lawyer themselves, which they absolutely can not afford, he says.

Eide, however, warns against the case this year.

We will do our best to change this. The income ceiling must be raised. We will focus on both in the revised budget and in the state budget for the autumn. It must be a minimum requirement that people on disability insurance can get free legal aid, “concludes Eide

Prime Minister Erna Solberg flirts with Muslim holiday on Facebook

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Did you know that Vietnamese celebrate New Year’s February 16? Or that the Thai people bless each other with water in the Songkran holidays in April?

Both countries have a large proportion of their people in Norway, but are rarely remembered by Erna Solberg. Nor do Brazilians or Americans with their festivities excite the prime minister.

But when the Muslims Ramadan celebration is crossed on the calendar, Erna is in place with congratulations and congratulations. Previously, she has been talking for a long time in mosques around Norway. And last week she was an honorary guest at Somali students, where she grew up with traditional food made by Somali women placed in the kitchen.

While many of us mark the Pentecost, Norwegian Muslims start their Ramadan. I visited Somali students earlier this week and ate in as is Ramadan dinner. I wish you all a good pinse and ramadan karim, she writes on Facebook.

Pupil mother carried out school criticism:

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Was asked by school director Søgnen to quit myth spread

As a student mother, Gunhild Nohre-Walldén was invited by the City of Oslo to attend a seminar. After the critical post, Education Director Astrid Søgnen told her to stop spreading myths about Oslo School.

Nohre-Walldén reads his experience of the meeting with Oslo City’s influential education director in a chronicle of VG Tuesday.

She does the same day as the Oslo Municipality invites an open hearing on freedom of speech in Oslo School – after, among other things, associate professor Simon Malkenes and the Teaching Federation for Education have long criticized the lack of freedom of expression in the country’s largest school municipality.

Director Astrid Søgnen also spoke to me. She said with strict voice and forefinger that I had to stop spreading anecdotes and myths about the Oslo school. This was not an encouragement to me to continue my school engagement. I experienced the conversation as quite unpleasant, writes Gunhild Nohre-Walldén in his chronicle.

I have been thinking a lot about this conversation in the three years since the seminar. I do not think this is a decent way to meet a worried mom. I think you should be aware that the balance of power is not equal. Just that is an important perspective when discussing the ambient climate and openness in Oslo school, she says to VG.

Over 170 illegal campsites in Oslo last year

Sunday, May, 20 2018

Over 170 illegal campsites were registered in Oslo last year.The municipality is now patrolling to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the homeless’ places.

“The biggest challenge is the affect it has on nature,” said Helene Berger, acting department director for urban spaces and green spaces in the City Environment, to Aftenposten newspaper.

Last year, according to the newspaper, more than 90 campers were registered in woodland, and 80 in construction zones.In addition, more than 200 ‘overnights’ were reported in the woods.Berger showed that the sleeping places are often left with food packets and other waste littered around.

On questions from Aftenposten about the challenges associated with homeless people, Berger said that they are there all the time.

“Now we have operating patrols out every day to observe and clean.

There are guards in the city center, and in the Frogner Park. Our task is to treat the symptoms,” Berger told the newspaper.

She says the measures work, and that the City Environment had almost not needed the police in 2017, but it is often difficult to communicate with the homeless people.

‘’Many can not read and write. They do not want contact with public authorities. Then it’s important that the agencies and organizations that are in contact with them talk together.’’

UN Torture Committee: Too much isolation in Norwegian prisons

Friday, May 18, 2018

The UN Torture Committee criticizes the high use of isolation in Norwegian prisons, especially when it comes to mentally ill prisoners.

On Friday the 18th of May, the Torture Committee presented its report on how Norway complies with the UN Torture Convention.

The committee is particularly concerned about the extensive use of insulation, both in terms of detained prisoners and inmates. The use has increased, and there is also no limit to how long a prisoner can be kept isolated. It is critical, according to the committee in the report.

A very high proportion of prisoners have mental health problems and do not get proper health care, according to the report. The high suicide rate among custodial prisoners also raises turmoil.

According to the UN, it is especially people who are deprived of liberty, who are at risk of being exposed to inhuman or degrading treatment. This applies in particular to people in police arrest, prison and custody, and patients under compulsive mental health care.

New downturn for Jonas Gahr Støre and Labor Party

Friday, May 18, 2018

New Statistical survey for the Labor Party gives them the worst measurement ever.

Four out of ten voters have left the Labor Party since the previous election, according to a new survey that gives the bourgeois a barely majority.

In the survey, conducted by Opinion on behalf of the Newspaper News Agency (ANB), Ap receives a support of 22.8 percent. This is a decline of 1.2 percentage points compared to the previous measurement.

“This is a bad score for the Labor Party. We lose voters to the left, but most to the couch, “says Kjersti Stenseng, Secretary General of the Party, to ANB.

Religion damages society, the chronicle of atheist Håvard Pedersen

Why should we tolerate women’s oppression, discrimination and alternative facts as long as it is disguised as religion?

The leader of the Christian People’s Party, Knut Arild Hareide, is concerned. He is worried about the newly expanded government’s value creation, and calls the new government platform for “extreme secular”. Contrary to Hareide, I think religion has no place in politics, or society in general.

“If you think I’m going to burn in hell, I think you should be opposed.”

At the beginning of the 2000s a movement called nyateism occurred. The movement is based on an idea that religion should not be tolerated, but instead, it is combated and criticized with rational arguments. Not through attacks on religious people, but on religion itself and the content of it. The term is often used as a clue of atheists who are perceived as excessive missionaries, or too offensive to the beliefs of others. It is also what separates them from other atheists.

I even identify myself as a newcomer. I sincerely mean that religion as a concept is harmful to society. Here you will hear why:

Most religions proclaim that unbelief should be sent to hell on the day of judgment. With such an active condemnation, I have difficulty seeing how to claim self-exempt from condemnation. If you think I’m going to burn in hell, I think you should be opposed. Your children get what you think about me and my children get what you think about me. Such attitudes are not healthy.

“I sincerely mean that religion as a concept is harmful to society.”

People’s need for group affiliation is not a mechanism to shake off. This is what forms nations, holds soccer teams all over the world, gives us identity policies and keeps the technology war between iPhone and Android trailers. Religion plays the same strings to give the feeling that those who belong to religion are the ones chosen, while the rest are outsiders. This is a direct obstacle to humanity being able to work effectively together. For how can you feel fellowship with others when your god tells you that they are less worthwhile?

Most people understand that a constructed and thousands of years old model of the world will be contradicted by science. It is not natural for religions. When they encounter resistance, they respond in the same way every time – with fighting.

“How can you feel fellowship with others when your God tells you that they are less worthwhile?”

One thing is how many scientists who have been hunted, imprisoned and in many cases killed because of their allegations. But how many potential scientists has the world missed because one has learned not to question God’s will? How many hundred years has science been held back in total? I am pretty sure that today there is still a large proportion of people who grow up in the belief that quantum mechanics, evolution and even elementary astronomy are trivial or just theories.

This component should strictly not require a thorough explanation. Still, books that say that all you need to do after raping a girl is considered to pay her father a handful of silver coins for saints.

“There is hardly a religion that does not say that women and men have different values.”

In humanity, the very essence is that every human being is responsible for his own actions. Religion teaches us the opposite: God has predetermined all that happens, evil actions are due in many cases to evil demons, and forgiveness is a matter between you and your god. Studies have been conducted showing that atheists are underrepresented in prisons. Think about the next time someone denies religious morality as high-value – there are more religious than non-religious in jail. .

Ethics and morals are in human nature. Therefore morality is largely common to all cultures of the world, even those who do not have religion as a common denominator. But basing their world’s understanding of fables obviously does something about your innate compass, compared to atheists.

Yes, it is a memento going on in most religions and you literally interpret fewer and fewer religious writings. But what does people do to read these evil attitudes in their holy books, even if they do not live by them? Is not it like saying that you think Jewish jokes are okay to push as long as you do not really stand for the message?

It affects us to have this inheritance in our society. That’s why I’m a New Yorkian. Because I want humanity to get the best possible conditions, and I’m pretty sure it does not have religion as a significant factor.

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