Fears poorer care several places in Norway

Thursday 21 June 2018

There are increasing numbers of older people in small municipalities inland and northern Norway. Now the Directorate of Health is fearing that in the future it will be worse than the old ones living in the cities.

The reason is that the youth is moving from the village and that there will be fewer left to take care of those who need help. This is reflected in a new report, Care 2020, prepared by the Directorate of Health and Housing Bank for the Ministry of Health and Care.

It shows that while people over 67 make up just under 20 percent of the population in the smallest municipalities inland and in the north, the proportion of the largest cities is down to 12 percent.

“We are worried that we get both increasing geographical and social health differences. It is the municipalities inland and partly northern Norway that have special challenges, says the head of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Bjørn Guldvog, to VG.

It is getting older when the young people pack the suitcase. Projections from Statistics Norway show that the proportion of people over 65 in Hedmark, for example, increases from 21 per cent today to 27.3 per cent in 2040. The corresponding figure for Oslo is 12.3 and 16.7.

– Must be long-term

“The municipalities must think carefully about the way they plan on a long-term basis. They must think new and wise and get better interaction between municipalities and assess the need to merge. It is also important that they are able to build enough care homes and institutions and apply new welfare technology, “says health director.

He thinks, among other things, on distance tracking, using GPS that can track elderly people with dementia if they go away, electronic medication support, falls sensors or remote sensing of heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Another problem is that even the municipalities with the biggest challenges are, to a lesser extent than others, seeking subsidy schemes that promote new technological solutions.

“This means that the challenges can be greatest where they are least prepared to meet them,” says Guldvog.

Larger differences

He points out that many older people living in these relocation communities, where it is also harder to recruit health professionals, have lower income and education than the rest of the country.

“We already see that there is a pressure on healthcare towards greater social inequalities. Those with high education and advice can easily obtain the information and knowledge they need to have good health and ask for different types of help or pay for private services, says Guldvog.

My comment on this is:

We are in 2018 and we are the richest nation in the world, measured by the number of inhabitants. We have not put enough money for the elderly and the future generations of the elderly will get it bad in the world’s richest nation. I’m afraid I’m getting old in this country because I’m on low disability insurance. Norway is getting poorer on social benefits and has downgraded the welfare state. The government we have now is a horror example of it. Poor in Norway, and many of them will get worse over the years. We must say that this is not in rich Norway, we poor just have to crumble at Dr Richard’s table.

Oslo police union about gang threat: – The police runs from pillar to post

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Oslo Police Association says the police in Oslo are hunted for a mission and do not have time to work sufficiently preventively with gang crime at Holmlia.

For over ten years, a Holmlia boy boy has grown to become Oslo’s biggest gang of threats – without the police having managed to stop them. Gjengen Young Bloods is behind killings and kidnappings – and spreads fear of Holmlia in Oslo.

The Oslo Police Association says they have received feedback from their members working in the area that they are “chased on assignments”, that they do not prioritize it preventive – and only come when something goes wrong.

“Our members want to be ahead of something happening, but the resource situation means that those who work out of work run from chance to chance when something has already happened,” says Kristin Aga, head of Oslo Police Association.

Aga believes the preventive loses and has lost in the struggle for police time and resources in Oslo. The police chief says he agrees that the police must be more present – but at the same time accuses the Oslo Police Union for black painting.

Believes the gangs are standing as victory men

An intelligence report from the police in 2016, which VG has gained access to, says that the police occasionally experience it as demanding to be on Holmlia. That “among some people is uncomfortable to be at Holmlia as they encounter a lot of aggression and resistance, and that there are examples where the police have been throwned stones at.”

The Oslo Police Association says they have received feedback that the police in the face of such aggression have had to retreat due to lack of resources, so the aggressive youth have become standing victories.

“The feedback we receive about what makes it not nice for the police to go to Holmlia is that there have often been a lot of youths gathered, for example, having shown their finger or throwing stones. And then there have been too few devices out there to control it. You have to retreat, “says Aga.

She thinks it had been a great deal of prevention in bringing all the young people in, talking to them and calling parents or child welfare.

– Then they had seen that it had a consequence. If you can have enough resources to act and possibly bring them in, there is very much prevention in it. For now they are often left as victory men, Aga says.

“Our members say it’s not the way they want it, but they have no choice. Because you need a lot of cars out there to handle 20 youngsters that do something bad, says Aga.

The police chief responds: – On the day the criminals decide, we have lost

To the stories that the police have had to retreat, Oslo police chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold says:

“I totally agree with the Oslo Police Association, the day the criminals decide we have lost. But there we are not today, we will not either, “said police chief Sjøvold.

He admits that the efforts on the preventive must be stepped up, but saying this is something they’re already doing. Among other things, through new employees.

“I fully agree with the Oslo Police Association that we must be more present, even when nothing has happened. That we “only come when something happens” I think, however, is an unnecessary black paint, “said the police officer.

“Very good preventive work is done in Oslo PD, also in the East. We have officers who are out of the youth every single day and make a difference, we also have minority contacts and school visits, to name a few. The preventative efforts my employees do, I do not think we should undermine in national media, because it is formidable, says Sjøvold.


My comment on this is:


The police are under pressure from gangs and do not have the resources to fight gang crime. I think the police must get a lot more resources than they get today. I do not feel safe at night in Oslo city center. I avoid being out in the evening. We will not have have it like this in 2018. We have lost the fight I think.

Fabian Stang leaves the politics

Monday 4 June

Fabian Stang (62) is leaving politics. “I have decided that I will not run for a mayor position in Oslo,” he says.

Fabian Stang was the mayor of Oslo from 2007 to 2015.

After the election fall in the fall of 2015, he has doubted and “shut up and closed both the door and opened it again” so that he can become Right Party mayor in the capital also at the municipal elections next autumn.

– Will give priority to the family. Now the decision is taken.

“I have decided to give priority to family and not politics in the future, and I have therefore reported to the head of Oslo Right Party, Heidi Nordby Lunde, that I am not considered as the party’s mayor candidate for municipal elections next year,” Stang told VG.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this a lot. Everything has its time, and now I will go on with my life. Should I do a good job as a mayor, I would have to spend so much time that it would be incompatible with family life, including now that we have taken responsibility as foster parents for a little cute girl. Then that must be more important, says Stang.

– Now begins a new era in life. I wish the Oslo Right Party all the best and expect them to find a very good mayor candidate who can help us replace City Council leader Raymond Johansen and his city council. I’ll do my “thing”, says Stang.

– Fabian has been a folk-loving politician because he loves people.

My comment on this is:

Yes, Fabian Stang was very popular and uncontroversial. He was a bit of in conflicts, I mean. He could have done more. Now I do not vote for the Right, but I have quite a big respect for Stang. He has a good legacy though.

Date determined, June 4: To close Oslo’s city center for car traffic

Saturday 2 June 2018

Monday, there will be a full stop for passing through Oslo city center.

Now it becomes even more difficult to drive a car in the city center streets of Oslo. From Monday, the city council will introduce its brand new driving pattern, as mentioned in the newspaper Nettavisen earlier in May. The goal is to reduce driving and driving through the center.

The date has recently been decided, and now they are setting up signs for the new driving pattern. The point is to close Fridtjof Nansen’s space in front of the town hall for all car traffic, with the exception of goods delivery to the companies on the spot.

“Finally, we get a new car-free living room in the middle of the city. It’s amazing to think that this place was full of parking spaces. It is much better that this space is filled with seating, flowers, outdoor seating and city life, says City Council for Urban Development, Hanna E. Marcussen (MDG) The Green Party.

On Monday, Rådhusgata is also closed for crossing the Christiania square, with the exception of bus and coach buses that can cross the square.

My comment on this is:

The microparty MGD (The Green Party) has gained too much power. By 2015 they received an 8.1% support. Now they really decide too much and ruin the city. We have a parliamentary system that has expired today. It’s not just the city council that struggles with microparties. Our parliament has the same problem. Those who have a car are punished with road tolls and other charges, now the center of Oslo will be closed to them. This is not 2018 we live in clearly!

School had to finish the exam because of the heat

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The management at Haugeåsen Youth School in Fredrikstad chose this afternoon to close parts of the school due to the heat and poor air quality, writes Fredriksstad Blad. The parents received the message twelve o’clock on Wednesday. Rector at school, Monica Häckert confirms to Fredriksstad Blad that management had to close parts of the school.

The school was closed mid-examination for the tenth class of the school.

“We have a bad ventilation system that we have been waiting for replacement. Today, it did not go anymore. In one of the rooms there were 30 celcius degrees, and in others it was even warmer. The Ombudsman thought it was irresponsible for teachers to teach, says Häckert to VG.

The heat continues

The heatwave, which has ravaged in most parts of the country does not seem to end, but it will be a little milder over the weekend. Häckert says that it has been difficult this whole warming period, but that today was too much.

– The next two days there should be alternative teaching arrangements. Until the week it is reported around 20 degrees. That’s what we’re going to tolerate, but it’s getting up today, she says.

Heat record in Bergen

It was announced in advance that Wednesday would be a very hot day all over southern Norway, and the meteorologists stressed whether it would be Oslo or Bergen that broke the 30-degree target first.

– New heat record for May is set in Bergen, currently 30.5 degrees. The warmest ever in Bergen is 31.8 degrees in July 2003, the Meteorological Institute writes.

My comment on this is:

We feel that the cold limits us in winter, we are experiencing the same thing in the summer as well. We are not prepared for either winter or summer in this country. Schools in this country are usually old and need a lot of maintenance that the authorities do not provide in state-owned public procurement chains year after year. We are the world’s richest country, but can not afford to upgrade schools, public buildings and other buildings owned by the state. This is also not a political majority to do anything about.

We are writing 2018 at the moment and we must only accept that our government does not do anything about this during the parliamentary term.

Will stop selling disposable grills

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Norwegian Fire Protection Association believes extreme drought and total ban on open flames in many areas should also lead to a break in the sale of disposable grills.

Extremely dry conditions in almost all of Norway have already led to more forest fires. Now is the time to enjoy cold food if you are on a trip to nature, says the Norwegian Fire Protection Association and encourages business to take responsibility and stop selling one-time grills.

“If possible, it would be brilliant that from Trøndelag and south you will avoid selling one-time grills for a period to come,” says Rolf Søtorp, CEO of the Norwegian Fire Protection Association to P4.

He is supported by departmental director Anne Rygh Pedersen in the Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Planning (DSB). She says it’s important that everyone now takes responsibility to prevent more forest fires.

“Most importantly, people who have already bought disposable grills can not find out how to use them in nature,” says the radio channel.

The Rema 1000 store at Ulsrud in Oslo has received praise from the fire service because it has already taken responsibility and stopped selling such grills, Dagbladet writes. With a location just east of Østmarka and popular Ulsrud water, there are many who shop there before the trip goes up in the woods.

On the pallets with disposable grills in the shop there are hangings with the text: “A total ban on open fire has been introduced near forest and land. Therefore, we have decided on Rema 1000 Ulsrud to temporarily suspend the sale of disposable grills. ”

“We thought we would like to stop those who plan to fire the one-time grille in the field. People will be able to cope with cold food in these days, says merchant Morten Wiik to the newspaper.

My comment on this is:

When it is so dry, the ban is fine. We must have a responsible handling of flammable disposable grills. There are not so many days of the year we have so good weather, so many will probably not take this seriously. They are more keen to have a nice time.

Politician Carl I. Hagen (FRP) reports politician Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) to the police

Monday, May 28, 2018

Environment Bureau Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) is notified by Progress Party veteran Carl I. Hagen for gross environmental crime in Inner Oslofjord. Hagen claims that contaminated masses poured out in the Bestumkilen when the masses were intermittent on land during work with a new rowing and kayaking facility.

– The criteria were quite clear. The masses were to be picked up on a barge and shipped to a landfill, says Hagen to TV 2. Hagen tells VG that he wants the environmental agency to be investigated on a par with private individuals and private companies. – They have given a heck in a permit they have applied for. Strik contrary to the application and permission from the county governor, says an upset Hagen to VG.

Progress Party writes in a press release Sunday evening:

“In a meeting held on November 22 last year, the alleged illegal handling of the masses was discussed. Participants at the meeting were, among other things, employees at the City of Oslo. It emerged that the basis for exposing Oslo residents for unacceptable pollution hazards by not transporting the masses on barges was “that the price of this is significantly higher than on land transport.”

My comment on this is:

Marie Mguyen Berg is in charge of the environmental agency and is responsible for carrying out thorough and responsible environmentally friendly projects. When she does not, someone has to stop her. Carl I. Hagen does the right to report her!

Norwegian Syriafians will return to Norway

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Norwegian / Syrian Aisha Shezadi (26) asks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help to get home to Norway. In a handwritten letter sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the woman tells her that she is in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria and that she “fears to be forced back to” the Islamic state (IS). It writes class struggle.

Shezadi and her Tunisian husband were part of a group who fled from IS in the Euphrates Valley south of Raqqa last fall, apparently because of mutual conflict and killed the IS warriors between. The activists Erling Folkvord and Johan Petter Andresen from the Solidarity organization with Kurdistan met Shezadi earlier in May. Afterwards, the Norwegians had a clear impression that she still defends IS and that she does not regret it. The activists, however, felt that she should receive assistance from Norway.

The camp is not a permanent place for anyone, nor does the authorities in Northern Syria want to keep foreign citizens there. Here Norway has to take responsibility, “says Folkvord. Press spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Guri Solberg, stated on a general basis that “the Foreign Service has very limited opportunities to provide any kind of assistance to Norwegian citizens who travel or reside in Syria.”

My comment on this is:

We see a deterioration of who gets help from Norwegian activists, it is disgusting that this woman will get any help from Norway. She is an IS helper and she defends IS and is thus a terrorist. We should have a strict immigration policy, but ethnic Norwegians sabotage this on a large scale. I do not want Norway to engage in this case!

Claims Stormy Daniels offered millions from a reality program

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pornstar Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, became world famous after claiming she had sex with US president Donald Trump. It has made her attractive to the producers behind the British Celebrity Big Brother, writes Daily Mail.

They will have offered Daniel 750,000 pounds, over eight million, to participate. In addition, they should have been willing to postpone the recordings several months to cope with her schedule. Daniels’ lawyer, however, tells the newspaper that she is not interested in participating.

My comment on this is:

Now I think that Trump is in trouble. This goes beyond his credibility and gives too much bad attention. Sex in the news are always big news has a lot of bad media press. So this will be problematic for him.

Oslo: Recognized boys from car burglaries – were beaten

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A person is beaten at Furuset in Oslo, after recognizing two three underage boys who broke into cars tonight, the police reported. The suspects contacted the three before the violence, and they suspected the perpetrators ran from the place. The police now have control of all who are also suspected of stolen a BMW tonight.

My comment on this is:

We see a deterioration of overall security, with violent children and youth who have nothing but to do violence. This will only get worse because it’s not enough money for the kids and the youth, not just the money they’re working wrong too. Leisure clubs and the school-based leisure scheme have been reduced over many years, so they have no place to be.

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