WPA3 will make Wi-Fi safer and easier

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

WPA3 certification is ready – 14 years after WPA2 got on the run.

There are several good reasons to choose wired networks rather than wireless variants, but today Wi-Fi is so good and widespread that most people go for these solutions.

Security – It’s a good deal of confidential information in the air, to say so – is taken care of by a protocol with the nickname Wi-Fi Protected Access, or simply WPA.

Unfortunately, the original WPA was not so sure, so already in 2004, we got WPA2, which is still holding. But neither WPA2 is infallible, and now the Wi-Fi Alliance, which is the gang behind these standards, has now pulled the WPA3 screen.

This is what will be next-generation wireless technology security technology, and will probably be with us for the next couple of years – if it does not prove to have any security holes that are impossible to seal.

Will allow easier passwords

Just like previous iterations of WPA, the new WPA3 comes in versions for both corporate and private markets. WPA-Personal, as the latter is called, is the version that will take common houses and homes.

The major news in WPA3-Personal is that the old password technology that uses a “Pre-shared Key” (PSK) in WPA2 is replaced by something called “Simultaneous Authentication of Equals” (SAE).

This will not change how users log on to a wireless network, but will make it impossible for any attackers to download an encrypted Wi-Fi password and try to break this on their own computer.

SAE will require that any attempt to guess a password must go directly to the wireless access point, which allows such hacking attempts to be easily detected and blocked.

Wi-Fi Alliance believes that this will be so effective that people can now choose easier Wi-Fi passwords so they can actually remember them.

Another improvement with WPA3 is so-called “forward secretion”, which prevents anyone from accessing old data if a password should nevertheless be broken. Things already sent on the network will still be illegible.

One last thing worth collecting is the new “Easy Connect”, which will make it both easier and safer to connect devices that do not have good display or input capability – which are typical of “things online” Dingser like smart light bulbs and smoke detectors.

Connecting a new dings could then be as easy as scanning a QR code with the mobile phone, but naturally requires that different actors use it.

Will take time, full conversion to WPA3 will by no means happen overnight.

Because WPA3 does not allow the wireless network of our home, including all our things – like mobiles, tablets, laptops, refrigerators, TVs, smoke detectors, door bells, etc. – must also be put in place. It will be a continuous process that will last for years.

However, for most of us, this will not have any significant practical significance, as WPA3 equipment will not have any trouble working with WPA2 equipment. However, it will be without the newer security features.

WPA3 certified hardware is currently available to manufacturers. So if you are looking for something new networking equipment, it may be smart to check if WPA3 is already in place or possibly through a firmware upgrade.

It will probably take a couple of years before WPA3 will be required to get all new products Wi-Fi certified.

The Netherlands introduces a ban on burka and nikab

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In schools and hospitals at first

The National Assembly in the Netherlands has by a large majority decided to introduce a ban on burka, nikab and other cover of the face of schools and hospitals.

The so-called burka ban also applies to public transport and public buildings, where there is also a ban on using helmets or otherwise covering the face.

The proposal for burka ban was first promoted 13 years ago by outer right politician Geert Wilders, who described himself as Islam hater.

The House of Representatives of the Dutch National Assembly voted for such a ban in 2016, but it would take another three years before the decision in the upper house. It is expected that the ban will come into force next year.

How the prohibition is to be practiced and who will enforce it is highly unclear. One of the questions raised is whether bus drivers should deny passengers with nikab or burka access.

Lawyers are critical of the ban, and the opposition calls it symbolism because there are hardly more than 400 women carrying burka in the Netherlands.

My friend Johann has become sicker

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My good friend through 38 years, have it tough these days. He has ulcerative colitis and has had this for many years, which has given him constant stomach problems. He lives a rich life with the family he visits several times a week. He has good neighbors and is outgoing so there is much contact between them.

Fourteen days ago, he was at the doctor’s control. They had discovered that he had lymphoma. I hope it was discovered early, because over 90% can survive and get healthy.

But it’s a tough message to get.

Norwegians will be 6 million by 2040

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Norway’s population will pass 6 million by 2040, according to the latest population forecasts from Statistics Norway.

Statistics Norway (SSB) presented Tuesday its updated population projection for the rest of the century.

The agency makes more forecasts based on various assumptions. The estimate for when we pass 6 million inhabitants is taken from the SSB referred to as the main option. Twenty years later, ie in 2060, we will be around 6.5 million people in Norway, according to the same forecast.

If the population grows in line with the highest estimate for Statistics Norway, Norway’s population can be more than 7.5 million in about 40 years.

My comment on this is:

Our new inhabitants feed many more children. Ethnic Norwegian may be in minority in 2080? We are on the way to expelling Norwegian Christian traditions and history, so that we become more attractive to Muslims. I’m glad I’m so old that I do not experience this. In the district I live in, there are already a majority of immigrants. There are several districts in Oslo that have it.

The devil’s Islam is getting more widespread and the Norwegian authorities are doing everything to make it happen faster. Islam will take over in the world because nobody does anything about it.

Venezuela is blocking access to the Tor network

Tuesday 26 june 2018

Just days after new web blocks were placed on local media outlets

Venezuela has blocked all access to the Tor network, according to an Access Now report citing activists within the country. Coming just months after a new round of web blocks within the country, the latest block includes both direct connections to the network and connections over bridge relays, which had escaped many previous Tor blocks.

According to network metrics, Tor access in Venezuela had recently spiked in response to recent web blocks placed on local news outlets. Unlike previous blocks, the latest restrictions could not be circumvented by using a censorship-resistant DNS server like those provided by Google and CloudFlare. For many Venezuelans, Tor seems to have been the only way left to access the restricted content.

“This is the latest escalation in Venezuela’s internet censorship efforts, as it blocks higher-profile sites with more sophisticated methods,” said Andrés Azpúrua of Venezuela Inteligente, in a statement provided through Access. “This is one of their boldest internet censorship actions yet.”

Designed to outwit state-level web censorship, the Tor network routes traffic through a dense network of relays, making it nearly impossible for governments to trace what content is being loaded. More recently, Tor has supported a broader ecosystem of hidden services accessible only through the network, most notably the Silk Road and other cryptocurrency-powered drug markets.

In April, officials from the United Nations officially condemned web censorship in Venezuela alongside the broader detention of journalists. “Even under a state of emergency, the regulation as well as limitation or restrictions on web-sites and television signals transmitted over the internet are disproportionate and incompatible with international standards,” the official statement said.

Indian guru into Norwegian anti-doping work

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has stopped wars. Now he wants to help Antidoping Norway.

There is an aura of spirituality over the Nobel Suite at the Grand Hotel when Nettavisen meets the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, or Sri Sri, whom he is usually called.

He is in Norway to speak during the anti-doping conference at the Grand Hotel.

Sri Sri is the founder and leader of the Humanitarian Organization, the Art of Living Foundation, which has millions of followers in more than 150 countries – including Norway. He is one of India’s most powerful people.

A global spiritual leader and teacher, but also a peacekeeper. He was central in creating peace between Colombia and the FARC guerrillas, and among other things learned the FARC soldiers meditation.

– Outstanding ability

In Norway he is speaking for the World Forum for Ethics in Business. It was through this forum he met former chairman Inge Andersen of Norway’s sports federation, which arranges the conference.

“I have known him for two years and it has been a great learning process. He has an outstanding ability to see the global image while being at the retail level. I have never met a person who communicates such complicated messages so easily and he hits all community groups. He talks as easily with stunt leaders like the man and the woman in the grindstones, says Andersen.

– Perhaps the biggest in our time

Andersen also points out that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has a unique position in the world, which means he can contribute a lot in anti-doping work.

– Sri Sri has a strong position in countries facing corruption problems in both South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. He talks with all world leaders. As a peacekeeper and humanitarian leader, he is perhaps the greatest in our time, he says.

My comment on this is:

We have become so de-Christianized that we now have false prophets whom we worship. It’s the devil’s work this. The more we turn away from Jesus, the more the devil likes it. The false spirituality is luminous just like the devil, after all, he was the light bearer of God before he was thrown out of heaven. When a basic pillar is taken away in society, it will automatically enter a new substitute.

We have Islam and New Age as false prophets. Yoga and other alternative beliefs are also fake. It is only through Jesus that you come to heaven, through the forgiveness of sin and the fortification of Jesus as Savior. Everything else is a sin!

Wrote “The little house on the prairie”. Now her name is removed from book price

Monday, June 25, 2018

CLASSIC: The books in “The Little House on the Prairie” series are based on Wilder’s own childhood, and are filmed several times. PHOTO: Mary Evans Picture / NTB News

Changes the name of the book price after the racism debate.

The children’s writer Laura Ingalls Wilder is best known for the classical children’s books in the series “The Little House on the Prairie”. The grand children’s award “Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal” is also named after her and has been distributed by the American Library Association since 1954.

This weekend it became clear that this year’s prize is the last one to be awarded with this name. After a vote in the American Library Association, it became apparent that the prize changed its name to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award, writes Washington Post.

The reason is concern about how Wilder, who lived from 1867 to 1957, portrayed Americans with African background, and American indigenous people.

– Incompatible with the core values

The organization stated that Wilder “uses expressions of stereotypical attitudes incompatible with ALSC core values”. They further stated that Wilder’s books are still published and read, but that “her inheritance is complex” and “not universally embraced”.

According to The Guardian, the books contain a number of phrases that are unacceptable today.

Wilder should also have apologized for his thoughtlessness, “according to The Guardian, and changed a sentence in one of the books in” The Little House on the Prairie “series, which said that in Kansas there was no people Indians. ” The sentence was changed to “no new settlers, only Indians”.

Wilder was the first writer to receive the award in 1954. The award of the year went to author Jacqueline Woodson.

Trumps Twitter messages have changed in recent weeks

Monday, June 25, 2018

Donald Trump has twittered 257 times so far this month. The messages are getting more and more bizarre.

The fact that Donald Trump’s messages on Twitter raise awareness are far from new. Ever since he was elected president, critics have targeted the smooth flow of outbreaks and controversial comments. But in recent times there has been a development, CNN writes.

The news channel claims that the activity on Trump’s Twitter account has escalated and become more and more strange. The president has shown himself from his controversial page several times earlier, including threatening nuclear war against North Korea.

Political reporter in CNN, Chris Cillizza, has been following a lot on Trump. Now he has analyzed recent updates.

Strange times

The CNN reporter now claims that Trump not only tweets more than before, but also makes it bizarre times of the day. In addition, in his posts he focuses much on the ongoing investigation of himself and the election, led by Robert Mueller.

Of the 22 Twitter messages Trump posted on Sunday, eight of them investigated the investigation and how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton investigation. Six of them were accusations against the democrats.

The Trump archive reveals

On the website “trump Twitter archive” you can see all the Twitter messages the president has posted since 2009. There are also statistics about how many messages are posted and what they are about.

According to the website, the president tweeted 140 times in May last year. The same month in 2018, he twisted 237 times. So far in June, the president has tweeted 257 messages.

Sindre Beyer, adviser to Try Advertising Agency and former information director for the Labor Party, told Dagbladet that the president’s way of communicating breaks with most other politicians.

“He is confrontational and it is unfamiliar with people who have as much authority as the Trump has and who goes to personal attacks like he does. Not only was there a heated election campaign on the Twitter front, but it also continued after he entered the office; It’s a bit scary. The world does not need a higher conflict level, but it contributes to Trump, says Beyer.

– A whole new communication

The counselor thinks Trump deliberately tries to weaken the media and undermine their credibility – which, according to Beyer, he partly succeeds in. It is also former state secretary of Erna Solberg, now consultant at First House, Sigbjørn Aanes, agreed to.

“What we see is a brand new communication from a US leader. There are strong words and little nuances that he brings. Many are scared of the way he is on, and the tone he has, says Aanes.

Success despite criticism

Despite being both criticized and controversial, he believes Trump has succeeded in helping to manage the agenda as he wants, because many run after when he pronounces.

“But I would like to say that he gets less impact politically. He is not keen to build alliances, thus gaining more resistance and less support while weakening his own impetus in political cooperation, says the consultant, who believes everyone today must master social media.

“But the challenge when it comes to Trump is how he communicates and rhetoric,” said Aanes.

Labor Party(Ap) will forbid unvaccinatinated children to travel

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Labor Party wants the government to investigate travel ban for disease-induced countries for families where the children have not taken the MMR vaccine.

– Protecting from illness is something children are entitled to under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. That consideration must go before the parents’ view of vaccination, “says Oslo’s health agency, Tone Tellevik Dahl (Ap), to Dagbladet.

The party also proposes to allow municipalities who wish to introduce a mandatory vaccination notice for children under the age of 16, and Dahl believes Oslo should be the first municipality.

State Secretary Line Miriam Sandberg (Frp) in the Ministry of Health and Care Services believes there is no reason to change today’s order.
– Local prohibition will have no effect. If someone does not want to vaccinate the children, they can only move.

She also believes that a departure ban is drastic and that it will be difficult to lift, partly due to inter-landings.

All Norwegian children receive an MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, red dogs and other illnesses. The MMR vaccine is normally given at the age of 15 months and is repeated in the 6th grade at primary school.

Figures from the National Institute of Public Health show that 96 per cent of the two-year-olds in Oslo have been vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, HiB infection and measles. In addition, the figures show that 97 per cent of 16 year-olds received one dose of the MMR vaccine, while 92 per cent had received both doses.

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