The police will not respond to the use of millions for gang crimes

Saturday 30 June 2018

The police have received 30 million extra to clean up on Holmlia, but can not answer how the money blows into the police on the ground.

In autumn last year, the Oslo police received 30 million extra in the state budget to clear up the negative developments in Holmlia and the district Søndre Nordstrand.

VG has revealed how Oslo’s biggest gang of threats have grown in the city for more than 10 years – without the police having managed to stop them.

For four weeks, the Oslo police have repeatedly received questions from VG about what the 30 million additional grant in practice will mean “on the ground” at Holmlia and in the district of Søndre Nordstrand.

They can not answer that.

Beat alarm clocks already in 2016

In December 2016, a secret intelligence report triggered an alarm that Young Bloods in the future will be the biggest gang threat in Oslo.

Since then, people associated with the gang have been behind killing and been convicted of kidnapping. In 2018, Holmlia experienced several shootings on the open street.

Only in the autumn of 2017 was the extra grant of NOK 30 million to the district. And now – halfway through 2018 – there are few extra police officers on the ground to track the money.

The police announce that the money goes to 41 positions, but can not answer how many additional people who now work at Holmlia to any one – because of the new appointments.

“When it gets so secretive, I’m afraid that the poor dialogue between the police and residents is not improving, is the message from Sarah Gaulin (Ap).

Reacts: Sarah Gaulin (Ap) is a resident of Holmlia and says she has repeatedly asked how many more police officers now actually have to be at Holmlia at all times.

Gaulin is Holmlia resident and deputy leader in the district committee in Søndre Nordstrand.

“The people at Søndre Nordstrand deserve to know what the police do with prevention. The police should say more about how the new appointments should be used, “said Gaulin

Must have 41 positions – 10 are employed

An overview of the positions that VG has received shows that only 10 of the 41 positions are obsessed today. Only three out of ten have started working.

The ten will all work preventively in Søndre Nordstrand – something the residents of Holmlia are asking for. The police do not want to clarify what the ten preventive positions, with a possible shift and turnaround scheme, actually mean by crew at Holmlia at all times.

They answer:

“With these a total of 41 positions, we will follow up on vulnerable youth and prevent recruitment into criminal environments. This will contribute to better integration and safer living environment, police inspector Gray Lene Sem writes in an email to VG.

When VG points out that it does not answer the question exactly how many things this means on Holmlia, the police only write that the money goes to the entire city.

– The staff are not locked to specific places at all times, the police respond.

Labor Party Jan Bøhler points out that there is a strong wish for Holmlia for more police present in their daily lives.

“They must be able to answer in concrete terms what it gives in increased policy power in that area when the Parliament has granted 30 million,” says Bøhler.

“When the government says it is up to the police to dispense the funds, the police must be able to answer how they dispense them, more concrete. We need to get a concrete response to how much increased police effort we get for the 30 million, the Ap Representative.

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