NSA deletes call data

Saturday 30 June 2018

The US intelligence organization NSA deletes call data from 685 million phone calls, collected since 2015.

Congress in the United States set foot for NSA’s practice of retrieving call data after American defector  Edward Snowden revealed the scope of business in 2013.

Snowden, who previously worked for the CIA and NSA, leaked documents that showed that NSA daily received nearly 5 billion registrations from base stations worldwide.

The data showed, among other things, hundreds of millions of mobile phones at all times, as well as who called each other. The information went straight into a huge database and was then analyzed using a tool called Co-Traveler.

Telecommunications companies

US telecom giants like AT & T have for several decades assisted the NSA with the collection, but in 2015 Congress adopted a law stating that the intelligence organization could no longer automatically retrieve such call data. The law instead instructs telecommunications companies to store these data for a period, but opened the NSA in certain cases to request access.

This has been done by the NSA, and the data they have retrieved has been stored in their own database. The NSA database finally contained call data from 685 million calls, but must now be deleted. The job of erasing began in May, NSA announced.
Had to go

Just a few months after Snowden’s revealing, the NSA chief Keith Alexander left the job, and in 2016, the scandal also cost the US National Intelligence Manager James Clapper the job.

During a hearing in Congress some months before Snowden’s disclosure, Clapper refused oath to receive call data from US telecom companies.

The NSA has over 30,000 employees and is the largest of the United States 16 intelligence organizations. The organization has facilities for collection and analysis in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Germany.

Poland’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries

Saturday 30 June 2018

Poles would rather drop the EU than to accept Muslim asylum seekers

WARSZAWA (VG) Poland’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries has led to a deep divide in the EU, and a tough day for the country’s Muslim minority.

The building located on a small hill of Warsaw is bright and modern in the design, inviting and atypical of a mosque.

“We wanted a glass facade with full-blown insight to show people that we are open to everyone,” says Director at the largest Islamic Cultural Center in Poland, Abdul Jabbar Koubaisy, to VG.

The idea was good, but on the grass outside the house of God there is evidence that many people are not interested in insight into Koubaisys culture. In fact, they want both him and built away. Seven large windows were broken this time, to a total of 100,000 kroner. It’s far from the first time it happens. A total of 27 glass windows have been destroyed by vandalism in the past.

“It used to be not as bad as this, but the last couple of years hated Muslims here has become far more prevalent,” says Koubaisy from a mosque bath in the evening light.

Only two men have come to pray this evening.

Migration conflict puts the EU in crisis

Together with Hungary and the Czech Republic, Poland has torn the EU by refusing to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries. The three countries have been appealed by the European Commission for their failure to comply with the EU Agreement, which aims to allocate 160,000 new arrivals between countries within the Union.

The agreement is from 2015, the same year as the Law and Justice Party (PiS) made a bracket election. The country’s very conservative authorities say that they, and not the EU, will have full control over who they may accept in the country.

“The government so openly puts Muslims up against the Catholic, has awakened instincts in Poles, as we have not seen in the same way before,” said Culture Center Director Koubaisy.

Migration is at the top of the agenda when the heads of state from all EU member states come together for the summit Thursday and Friday this week.

Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary boycotted the preparatory extraordinary meeting on migration and asylum. The fragmentation within the Union is now so serious that it can lead to a collapse in Angela Merkel’s coalition.

Almost only poles

Poland is one of Europe’s most ethnically homogeneous countries. As many as 98 percent say that they are ethnic Polish, according to World Atlas figures from June 2018.

A majority of the poles, 51 percent say they are willing to let go of membership in the EU and all the subsidies that come with it, if they had to choose between the union and to receive more Muslim asylum seekers, a survey conducted by IBRiS for the newspaper Polityka. It is despite the fact that 71 percent of Poles think it is positive that the country is a member of the EU.

On the train on the way to the mosque in Warsaw, VG meets more people who openly say they are skeptical of immigration from Muslim countries. Cezary Dziukka and Monika justify the resistance to what they describe as incompatible religions.

“The Catholic Church says quite correctly that it is important to help. But it is difficult with Muslims because it is such a different religion. Your religion is dangerous, we see television reports from there. Islam leads to terrorism, means the middle-aged dressed man Cezary Dziukka.

Few Muslims

While the Juni River falls into Warsaw, it is warm and warm inside the Al Badia Restaurant, located at the back of the Muslim Cultural Center.

Holder Salim Shihada Alhamdane (33) is a rare success story. Just over ten years ago, Alhamdane came from the war-fought homeland of Iraq, and has built up the restaurant that has become a focal point for Muslims in Warsaw.

He says there have been unpleasant episodes, but he would rather focus on the good. “I think it’s just a phase,” he says about the current anti-immigration flows in Poland.

His three young dinner guests from Oman disagree.

“It’s almost impossible to make friends here. The poles do not want to talk to us, especially young men and the oldest, and as an Arab you can only forget to rent an apartment. It often happens that I’m called shells or pushed into the subway, says Saud Alriyamy (23) to VG over a plate of rice and chicken.

More attacks

Muslims make up less than 0.1 percent of Poland’s nearly 40 million inhabitants. Surveys show, however, that poles believe there are far more. On average, people say that believing Muslims accounted for 7 percent, showed a survey from Open Democracy last year.

After the law and justice party gained power in 2015, the number of attacks on Muslims rose from 192 to 362 the following year, according to AlJazeera.

The refugees that the EU will allocate between Member States is largely from Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

At a joint press conference with Polish Heads of State in May, Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban said that “we are a Christian people and we know what it means to help. But we can not

Åse Andersen (88) will attend her first homo parade

Saturday 30 June 2018

Åse Andersen has never participated in the homoparad. It will end on Saturday. Then she sets up to support skepticism.

Paul’s nursing home in Oslo is decorated for a party. The pride flag is hoisted and banners to Saturday’s Pride parade are spread out over the floor of the common room.

Åse Andersen is 88 years old and for the first time holds his own pride-flag in his hand.

She moved to Oslo from Hurum 60 years ago. Currently she is a resident of the nursing home. Alf Einar Strømsnes (61) is her gay practitioner.

Tomorrow she will attend the Oslo Pride parade for the first time. It will be with Strømsnes by its side.

“I asked if she would join,” says Alf Einar Strømsnes, assistant at the nursing home.

“I said yes right away, Åse Andersen breaks in.

– Must accept love

What she’s wearing is not the duo yet thought.

“At least, it will not be leather. I’m honored to look nice, says the nurse.

– Why do you choose to attend now when you have been 88 years old?

“For love, it’s strange. And I want to say to parents that they must accept love, says Åse.

She has known people who were gay, but lived in heterosexual relationships. Until 1972 gay practice was punishable in Norway.

– When I was younger, the word was used as a word of words. Then I wondered what it was. I did not know that time, “said the 88-year-old.

When she understood what it was, she felt it was wrong that gays were punishable.
The older experience

Paul’s nursing home, together with Romsås nursing home, attended the Pride parade for the first time last year. At that time, only employees attended, this year 88-year-old also joined.

– We want to show that with all of us are welcome. That we cry about diversity, says Anette Borg Smestad, Head of the Attitude at Attendo Paul’s Nursing Home.

The staff tells about older gays who have never come out of the closet. That they must meet with respect for their experiences.

– Gays are being harassed today, but the older generation has had a lot worse. We need to be aware of how we approach these, what kind of language we use, “says Tina Skjønhals, team leader at Romsås Nursing Home.
– It will be fun

Åse Andersen is excited on Saturday, but says she is ready for the most part.

– I’m pretty tough. I like to experience something that I have not experienced before. I am prepared for the impressions tomorrow, she says.

Everything Einar Strømsnes tells about the meeting with older gays in his work as auxiliary assistant.

“It was an 85-year-old who told her about her life as a lesbian about how she kept it hidden. But I have also met elderly who have disliked gays, but we ended up being very good friends.

Åse believes she may inspire other elderly people to participate in the homoparad.

“We are all different. It would have been boring if everyone was alike. That would not have been good, “concludes Åse Andersen.

My comment on this is:

Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible. It has always been so that God loves the sinner but hates sin. All people are not worth much in this world, but in God’s eyes we are alike. But active sinners will not experience eternal life. Those who live in and are active in homosexuality are excluded from Heaven. It’s too bad that many embrace gay people today.

The police will not respond to the use of millions for gang crimes

Saturday 30 June 2018

The police have received 30 million extra to clean up on Holmlia, but can not answer how the money blows into the police on the ground.

In autumn last year, the Oslo police received 30 million extra in the state budget to clear up the negative developments in Holmlia and the district Søndre Nordstrand.

VG has revealed how Oslo’s biggest gang of threats have grown in the city for more than 10 years – without the police having managed to stop them.

For four weeks, the Oslo police have repeatedly received questions from VG about what the 30 million additional grant in practice will mean “on the ground” at Holmlia and in the district of Søndre Nordstrand.

They can not answer that.

Beat alarm clocks already in 2016

In December 2016, a secret intelligence report triggered an alarm that Young Bloods in the future will be the biggest gang threat in Oslo.

Since then, people associated with the gang have been behind killing and been convicted of kidnapping. In 2018, Holmlia experienced several shootings on the open street.

Only in the autumn of 2017 was the extra grant of NOK 30 million to the district. And now – halfway through 2018 – there are few extra police officers on the ground to track the money.

The police announce that the money goes to 41 positions, but can not answer how many additional people who now work at Holmlia to any one – because of the new appointments.

“When it gets so secretive, I’m afraid that the poor dialogue between the police and residents is not improving, is the message from Sarah Gaulin (Ap).

Reacts: Sarah Gaulin (Ap) is a resident of Holmlia and says she has repeatedly asked how many more police officers now actually have to be at Holmlia at all times.

Gaulin is Holmlia resident and deputy leader in the district committee in Søndre Nordstrand.

“The people at Søndre Nordstrand deserve to know what the police do with prevention. The police should say more about how the new appointments should be used, “said Gaulin

Must have 41 positions – 10 are employed

An overview of the positions that VG has received shows that only 10 of the 41 positions are obsessed today. Only three out of ten have started working.

The ten will all work preventively in Søndre Nordstrand – something the residents of Holmlia are asking for. The police do not want to clarify what the ten preventive positions, with a possible shift and turnaround scheme, actually mean by crew at Holmlia at all times.

They answer:

“With these a total of 41 positions, we will follow up on vulnerable youth and prevent recruitment into criminal environments. This will contribute to better integration and safer living environment, police inspector Gray Lene Sem writes in an email to VG.

When VG points out that it does not answer the question exactly how many things this means on Holmlia, the police only write that the money goes to the entire city.

– The staff are not locked to specific places at all times, the police respond.

Labor Party Jan Bøhler points out that there is a strong wish for Holmlia for more police present in their daily lives.

“They must be able to answer in concrete terms what it gives in increased policy power in that area when the Parliament has granted 30 million,” says Bøhler.

“When the government says it is up to the police to dispense the funds, the police must be able to answer how they dispense them, more concrete. We need to get a concrete response to how much increased police effort we get for the 30 million, the Ap Representative.

Now it’s summer with a back injury

Saturday 30 June 2018

I’ve been fine until now. My feet are loose with Lyrica, and I sleep well with Nozinan and Immovane. So I felt good until today.

I have two slab caps in the back. They rarely cause me problems during the year. But now they have been re-activated. Now it’s murmur and a bit of pain, it’s getting worse during the day.

As soon as the shop opens, I have to shop for food. Can not carry big but I have to. I have had it since 2003 and it comes and goes two to three days in pain. Now I’m at the start.

Adam was not long in Paradise. Neither do I. Now I have to work on the few meters of the scooter. It will not be fun.

Doctors who have seen the rudder pictures say that it will calm down. That they said in 2004 and in 2012, it has not been my everyday life. So I’m a little fucked.

I have explained this to my doctor, but he says that he will calm himself too. So I get Paralgin Forte to lower the pain. They are quite hard against my stomach, so I only take them in the evening, so I get to sleep.

But I do not get the doctor until Monday, and then he writes out medications in the afternoon. So it gets tough until then.