AP: Captors are subjected to torture and sexual assault in prisons run by the Emirates in Yemen

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The United Arab Emirates run several secret prisons in southern Yemen where hundreds of men are being tortured and subjected to sexual assault, according to AP.

Saturday they will be beaten up, Sunday they will be tortured and Monday is the break. The order will repeat the next three days, while Friday is the day of isolation.

This way, everyday life stands out for hundreds of Yemeni men who are held captive without law and sentenced by prisoners driven by United Arab Emirates south of Yemen.

The news agency published this week of drawings smuggled out of Beir Ahmed Prison in the port city of Aden, which documents various forms of abuse.

Sexual violence is usually used to force “confessions,” the cartoonist and six other prisoners tell the US news agency. None of them will appear with names because they fear reprisals.

The pictures show, among other things, a man hanging naked in chains while being exposed to electric shock. On another drawing, a man on the floor is surrounded by snuggling dogs while more people kick him. There are also drawings of anal rapes.

The secret prisons and the extensive use of torture were revealed by AP in June last year. Since then, the news agency has discovered that at least five prisons have been established in southern Yemen where security forces use sexual torture to break down prisons.

Many of the prisoners are suspected of belonging to al Qaeda or IS, but none of them are brought to trial.

According to eyewitnesses, the serious sexual assaults are being carried out by Yemeni prisoners on direct orders from officers from the Emirates. The sources say that some of the assaults are being filmed, that the prisoners are subjected to electrical shock to the genital organs, that stone is attached to the testicles, and that rapes are carried out with trawls and metal rods.

The only reaction from the Emirates comes from the country’s permanent UN delegation in Geneva, claiming that the country has never operated secret prisons in southern Yemen.

However, it is inconsistent with what Jemen’s Minister of Internal Affairs says. He claims that he has no authority over the prisons and that he must have permission from the Emirates to enter Aden.

Four of the five prisons where, according to Aps sources, sexual assault is in Aden. One of them is also on a military base which serves as the headquarters of the Emirates military forces in Yemen.

In this prison, US officers must have been observed with Colombian mercenaries. Even though Americans in uniform have not participated directly in the torture, they must either have heard the cries or seen the brands, according to Aps sources.

“The Americans use the Emirates to do the dirty job,” said an official at Riyan Prison in Mukalla.

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