Zombie alarm in Florida

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Emergency data in Palm Beach warned of “extreme zombie activity” during a power outage in the middle of the night.

Last night to Sunday, residents experienced a nightmare in the quiet suburbs of Lake Worth, in the county of Palm Beach on the coast of Florida, writing the Palm Beach Post. First, thousands of residents lost power.

Then, at 01:41 at night, they could read a push message on the mobile phone, which strikes a power outage, then hit the full zombie alarm. However, the message tried to reassure residents that the “extreme zombie activity” affects fewer than 7380 customers.

Following the zombie alarm, the city spokesman Ben Kerr had to complain. “I want to emphasize that at the present time, Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity,” he assured. Kerr announces that the city “looks at the matter” about why the automatic alert system reported zombies.

The message was written in capital letters and also referred to “Terminus”. “Terminus” was one of the hangouts of Rick and his gang in the “The Walking Dead” zombie survival scene.

Kerr tells Gizmodo that the automated warning system was hacked before August last year when a series of zombie messages were sent but were snapped up before reaching the audience.

The system has thousands of pre-programmed messages, which have been modified to deal with zombies. The authorities are now trying to clean the messages.

Kerr says that Lake Worth investigates hacking.

“Hopefully, next time there is a warning about zombie invasion, it will be a real zombie invasion,” Kerr told Gizmodo.

Chaos in the emergency notification systems in the United States is nothing new. On January 13 this year, Hawaii residents received a push message about “incoming ballistic missile” where it was stressed that it was not an exercise.

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