Will stop selling disposable grills

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Norwegian Fire Protection Association believes extreme drought and total ban on open flames in many areas should also lead to a break in the sale of disposable grills.

Extremely dry conditions in almost all of Norway have already led to more forest fires. Now is the time to enjoy cold food if you are on a trip to nature, says the Norwegian Fire Protection Association and encourages business to take responsibility and stop selling one-time grills.

“If possible, it would be brilliant that from Trøndelag and south you will avoid selling one-time grills for a period to come,” says Rolf Søtorp, CEO of the Norwegian Fire Protection Association to P4.

He is supported by departmental director Anne Rygh Pedersen in the Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Planning (DSB). She says it’s important that everyone now takes responsibility to prevent more forest fires.

“Most importantly, people who have already bought disposable grills can not find out how to use them in nature,” says the radio channel.

The Rema 1000 store at Ulsrud in Oslo has received praise from the fire service because it has already taken responsibility and stopped selling such grills, Dagbladet writes. With a location just east of Østmarka and popular Ulsrud water, there are many who shop there before the trip goes up in the woods.

On the pallets with disposable grills in the shop there are hangings with the text: “A total ban on open fire has been introduced near forest and land. Therefore, we have decided on Rema 1000 Ulsrud to temporarily suspend the sale of disposable grills. ”

“We thought we would like to stop those who plan to fire the one-time grille in the field. People will be able to cope with cold food in these days, says merchant Morten Wiik to the newspaper.

My comment on this is:

When it is so dry, the ban is fine. We must have a responsible handling of flammable disposable grills. There are not so many days of the year we have so good weather, so many will probably not take this seriously. They are more keen to have a nice time.

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