We are afraid to go to the store

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Night Ravens are troubled by the development of Vestli and Stovner in Oslo after they were attacked by several people with stones on Saturday. It was Muslim youth who were looking for Night Ravens especially.

It was the second time in three weeks.

Saturday night a person was injured after someone throwing a stone at his head. The man was transported to the emergency room with an ambulance with cuts in his head.

But it’s not just the Night Ravens that are experiencing insecurity. TV 2 has talked to more people living in the area, saying they are afraid. None of them dare to stand in front of the camera, but they say that development has become worse.

I feel that I still have to take care of me. It’s so bad now that I do not even dare to go to the store, says a lady to TV 2. Another resident reports that she tries to avoid people who stand together. This is the same thing that happens in some areas in Sweden, she says.

My comment on this is:

Islamic truths and lack of respect come to the surface. Muslims hate us because we are unbelievers. Then they can do anything, including violence against us. We must stop this with laws that make Muslim parents responsible for what their children do and then use the law to punish them. For Muslims, it is different in terms of upbringing. Children do not get love from their parents as Western children receive. They also have to go to Quran schools and get brutal treatment if they can not cite what they have learned that day. Therefore, we must change how we treat Muslims, we must be brutal back. We are unbelieving for them, so it does not matter what we do with them. But they must be punished!

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