UN Torture Committee: Too much isolation in Norwegian prisons

Friday, May 18, 2018

The UN Torture Committee criticizes the high use of isolation in Norwegian prisons, especially when it comes to mentally ill prisoners.

On Friday the 18th of May, the Torture Committee presented its report on how Norway complies with the UN Torture Convention.

The committee is particularly concerned about the extensive use of insulation, both in terms of detained prisoners and inmates. The use has increased, and there is also no limit to how long a prisoner can be kept isolated. It is critical, according to the committee in the report.

A very high proportion of prisoners have mental health problems and do not get proper health care, according to the report. The high suicide rate among custodial prisoners also raises turmoil.

According to the UN, it is especially people who are deprived of liberty, who are at risk of being exposed to inhuman or degrading treatment. This applies in particular to people in police arrest, prison and custody, and patients under compulsive mental health care.

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