Trump declines summit with North Korea

Friday, May 26, 2018

THE WHITE HOUSE (VG) Donald Trump canceled the planned meeting with Kim Jong-un in June. At the same time, he warns that he has “massive and powerful” nuclear weapons. US President Donald Trump has written a letter to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un where he cites the summit to be held in Singapore in June.

VG is present this week in the White House together with the American press following the president daily. In the news that Trump has canceled the meeting with Kim, all of the TV reporters from big channels, such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, jumped to reach their small tents just outside the West Wing, where they go live on television. Although it has been in the air that a cancellation could take place, few of them were expecting this right now.

Our nuclear weapons are massive and powerful. The letter from Trump to Kim comes one day after North Korea called US Vice President Mike Pence “ignorant and stupid”. I looked forward to meeting you. Unfortunately, based on the huge mind and the open-minded hostility you showed in your recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate to conduct this long-planned meeting at this time, Trump writes in the letter.

The US president also mentions that he has more powerful nuclear weapons than Kim. You are talking about your nuclear weapons, but ours is so massive and powerful that I pray to God that they never need to be used. In a press conference later in the day, Trump said he had talked with the defense minister and the general staff after renouncing the planned summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. Our military is clear, if necessary, he said.

However, Trump does not close the door completely and says he looks forward to meeting the North Korean leader sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I would like to thank you for escaping the hostages who have now returned to their families. It was a beautiful gesture and we really appreciate it. UN Secretary General António Guterres says he is deeply concerned that the meeting was canceled. North Korea threatened itself last night to cancel the planned summit. They have also canceled a planned meeting between Kim Jong-un and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.

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