The soundtrack of immigrant children shakes the United States


Tuesday 19 June 2018


ProPublica has released sound recordings of several crying children who have been taken from their parents on the border with the United States.

In the seven-minute recording, ten children of immigrants from Central America will be heard talking with border guards. The children cry and demand their parents after being taken away from them on the border.

Among the cry, a male border guard is heard:

– We have an orchestra here, do not we? We only need a conductor.

Two children are told not to cry.

“Can I at least be with my aunt?” I want her to come, ask the girl from El Salvador. She has pinned the phone number, and eventually gets help calling the aunt. Another child cries uninterrupted throughout the sound recording, and calls for his dad.

2000 children in six weeks

The recording puts sound on a theme that now characterizes the political debate in the United States.

Since the end of April, more than 2,000 children have been taken from their parents and held in detention camps by the authorities after arrival in the United States, something a child lawyer refers to as “a form of child abuse”, CBS writes.

According to the news agency, AP, some of the children are kept in cages.

In May, US Justice Minister announced a new zero tolerance for illegal immigration from Mexico:

“If you smuggle a child, we will plead and that child may be separated from you. If you do not want your children to be taken from you do not take them over the border illegally. ”

France: – Certain values ​​we do not share

Leading voices from both Democrats and Republicans have gone out against the Trump administration’s splitting of families, and the president is now under strong pressure, also internationally.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the French government, Benjamin Griveaux, stated that he did not want that what is happening now in the United States to happen in Europe.

“We do not have the same civilization model. Obviously, certain values ​​we do not share, he says to the TV channel France 2.

President Donald Trump believes that the blame lies with the Democrats.

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