Something to think about is a bit heavy right now

Monday, June 11, 2018

I stopped visiting in Groruddals church because of my health condition. Losing this community is bad because it was the only thing I had. Friends have left me due to lack of contact from my side. I have isolated myself because of my feet and now that I have had new drugs that work, it’s hard to be so alone.

Now I only have three good friends again and they are so busy with their chores. It’s hard only with phone contact. I have 1619 friends on Facebook and followed by 667 people. There are only two or three people who comment on my posts. So it’s a little annoying that so few are interested.

I have the only activity to visit the Kompetansen Organization twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. But on June 24, the office closes for the summer and does not open again until August 13th. I will visit the church on June 17, and see if I am accepted again after not having been there since November last year.

No one in the church has visited me while I have been ill. There has been some contact, but I have been too ill to accept visitors. Now I have better health at least and it has not been so good since 2013. I am in a good mood and will try to contact some friends I have had a relationship with before.

I wish more friends and want to update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with good posts that are good for friendship.

Now I’m on the Kompetansen and I’m fine

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