Socialist Left Party (SV) asks the Parliment to approve of critism agaist Bakke-Jensen

Saturday 2 June 2018

That said SV leader Audun Lysbakken during the party’s national board meeting on Saturday.

On Tuesday it became apparent that an unknown “serious incident” among Norwegian militia who fought against IS led Norway to temporarily interrupt the training. This was not mentioned in the defense minister’s Syria statement earlier in May, something SV leader Audun Lysbakken has criticized.

Now SV has submitted a proposal to the Foreign Affairs Committee that the Storting must approve of Bakke-Jensen because he omitted this information. Lysbakken says he understands that some information and discussions on foreign and security policy issues can not be published.

“But the government can not help publishing things that can be public just because they are uncomfortable to the government. Both the Storting and the public will lose the opportunity for an enlightened debate on Norway’s military efforts in the Middle East, “Lysbakken said to NTB during the country council meeting.

– The Storting believes that Frank Bakke-Jensen’s omission of relevant information in the statement May 2 is criticism is the wording of the proposal.

Thus, they have not chosen to use the phrase “highly criticism” as the strongest wording you can come up without promoting mistrust suggestions. But Lysbakken says it is a powerful mark from the Storting if it is accepted by a government council

“And I think that’s in its place,” he said.

The criticism proposal was submitted earlier this week and has not yet been discussed in the committee. It will be voted on the proposal in the Parliament on 13 June. Lysbakken believes in support from several parties.

“It is too early to say something concrete, but I believe that more parties agree to support the proposal. But this is not clear, he says.

In addition to the proposal for criticism by Bakke-Jensen, SV has submitted proposals to withdraw Norwegian forces from the Middle East. As part of the international coalition against IS, Norwegian forces trained local Syrian forces from autumn 2016 until autumn 2017. The efforts took place in the border areas between Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

Lysbakken says SV has always been against Norwegian participation in the Middle East. The militia have said in the newspaper Klassekampen that they have also fought against the Assad regime forces, contrary to the intention of fighting only against IS. Lysbakken believes this information as well as the serious incident that became known Tuesday shows how difficult it is to control who Norway is working with in the Middle East.

The party therefore proposes that Norway immediately terminate its participation in military operations in the Middle East.

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