Pupil mother carried out school criticism:

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Was asked by school director Søgnen to quit myth spread

As a student mother, Gunhild Nohre-Walldén was invited by the City of Oslo to attend a seminar. After the critical post, Education Director Astrid Søgnen told her to stop spreading myths about Oslo School.

Nohre-Walldén reads his experience of the meeting with Oslo City’s influential education director in a chronicle of VG Tuesday.

She does the same day as the Oslo Municipality invites an open hearing on freedom of speech in Oslo School – after, among other things, associate professor Simon Malkenes and the Teaching Federation for Education have long criticized the lack of freedom of expression in the country’s largest school municipality.

Director Astrid Søgnen also spoke to me. She said with strict voice and forefinger that I had to stop spreading anecdotes and myths about the Oslo school. This was not an encouragement to me to continue my school engagement. I experienced the conversation as quite unpleasant, writes Gunhild Nohre-Walldén in his chronicle.

I have been thinking a lot about this conversation in the three years since the seminar. I do not think this is a decent way to meet a worried mom. I think you should be aware that the balance of power is not equal. Just that is an important perspective when discussing the ambient climate and openness in Oslo school, she says to VG.

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