Prime Minister Erna Solberg flirts with Muslim holiday on Facebook

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Did you know that Vietnamese celebrate New Year’s February 16? Or that the Thai people bless each other with water in the Songkran holidays in April?

Both countries have a large proportion of their people in Norway, but are rarely remembered by Erna Solberg. Nor do Brazilians or Americans with their festivities excite the prime minister.

But when the Muslims Ramadan celebration is crossed on the calendar, Erna is in place with congratulations and congratulations. Previously, she has been talking for a long time in mosques around Norway. And last week she was an honorary guest at Somali students, where she grew up with traditional food made by Somali women placed in the kitchen.

While many of us mark the Pentecost, Norwegian Muslims start their Ramadan. I visited Somali students earlier this week and ate in as is Ramadan dinner. I wish you all a good pinse and ramadan karim, she writes on Facebook.

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