Politician Carl I. Hagen (FRP) reports politician Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) to the police

Monday, May 28, 2018

Environment Bureau Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) is notified by Progress Party veteran Carl I. Hagen for gross environmental crime in Inner Oslofjord. Hagen claims that contaminated masses poured out in the Bestumkilen when the masses were intermittent on land during work with a new rowing and kayaking facility.

– The criteria were quite clear. The masses were to be picked up on a barge and shipped to a landfill, says Hagen to TV 2. Hagen tells VG that he wants the environmental agency to be investigated on a par with private individuals and private companies. – They have given a heck in a permit they have applied for. Strik contrary to the application and permission from the county governor, says an upset Hagen to VG.

Progress Party writes in a press release Sunday evening:

“In a meeting held on November 22 last year, the alleged illegal handling of the masses was discussed. Participants at the meeting were, among other things, employees at the City of Oslo. It emerged that the basis for exposing Oslo residents for unacceptable pollution hazards by not transporting the masses on barges was “that the price of this is significantly higher than on land transport.”

My comment on this is:

Marie Mguyen Berg is in charge of the environmental agency and is responsible for carrying out thorough and responsible environmentally friendly projects. When she does not, someone has to stop her. Carl I. Hagen does the right to report her!

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