Our beautiful homeland that is not so beautiful

Monday, April 23

More than 149,900 seniors in Norway are poor. They have so low income that they can not afford a hot meal every day. The minimum pension is NOK 173,204. The EU’s poverty line for Norway was 216,000 in 2014. At the same time, we see that the gap between minimum pensioners and wage recipients increases.

Nearly 10 percent of people between 18 and 67 years were on disability benefits in 2016. The new figures from Statistics Norway. A total of 331 100 people living in Norway were disabled in the National Insurance Scheme in 2016. Of these, many are so low income that they do not have basic services such as dentist, doctor and other things like going to a cinema or eating at a reasonable restaurant.

So there is a lot of wrong in rich Norway. Many sick people do not get expensive medicine. The health service is inadequate and people die in hospital corridors because there are no rooms. So we have the not so good here in the Kingdom of Norway.

My comment on this is:

With more than 1 trillion in the oil fund, it is strange that the authorities do not show more interest to those who have the minimum rates of economic benefits. They must be suppressed and not given any financial freedom. You must not get sick in this country. You have to work to live here. We sick must live at a minimum and do not have good prospects because the government will not upgrade the benefits to a level that is worthy.

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