Now I’m sleeping all night

Monday 4 June

After I increased the dose of NOZINAN to the double to 50mg, I’ve got a much better life.
My doctor may say that this is too much, but with 25mg I only sleep for a few hours. I have no regular sleeping medication, but I need to have sleeping in tablets.

I have tinnus so high that it is impossible to fall asleep by myself. My right ear has such a high frequency sound that makes a lot of the day very bad. I listen to music in headphones, not so loud but just so it maskes the high pitched sound.

I use 2 x 7.5mg Immovane sleeping in tablets. It is a double dose of recommended. But I can not sleep with just one tablet. The doctor has approved this because I have so much trouble falling asleep.

So now I sleep all night and wake up for approx. 7 or 8 in the morning. So now I am refreshed every day and have a huge surplus. My life has improved with Lyrica, Immovane and Nozinan. I will write a new post on Lyrica.

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