Norwegian Syriafians will return to Norway

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Norwegian / Syrian Aisha Shezadi (26) asks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help to get home to Norway. In a handwritten letter sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the woman tells her that she is in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria and that she “fears to be forced back to” the Islamic state (IS). It writes class struggle.

Shezadi and her Tunisian husband were part of a group who fled from IS in the Euphrates Valley south of Raqqa last fall, apparently because of mutual conflict and killed the IS warriors between. The activists Erling Folkvord and Johan Petter Andresen from the Solidarity organization with Kurdistan met Shezadi earlier in May. Afterwards, the Norwegians had a clear impression that she still defends IS and that she does not regret it. The activists, however, felt that she should receive assistance from Norway.

The camp is not a permanent place for anyone, nor does the authorities in Northern Syria want to keep foreign citizens there. Here Norway has to take responsibility, “says Folkvord. Press spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Guri Solberg, stated on a general basis that “the Foreign Service has very limited opportunities to provide any kind of assistance to Norwegian citizens who travel or reside in Syria.”

My comment on this is:

We see a deterioration of who gets help from Norwegian activists, it is disgusting that this woman will get any help from Norway. She is an IS helper and she defends IS and is thus a terrorist. We should have a strict immigration policy, but ethnic Norwegians sabotage this on a large scale. I do not want Norway to engage in this case!

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