National emergency preparedness campaign in Norway in the autumn

Tuesday 22 May 2018

As the Swedish authorities send out brochures to the Swedish population where they prepare for war and crisis, DSB announces that there will be a campaign in Norway.

We are working on a separate emergency campaign that will be launched during the autumn. Among other things, we focus on a crisis situation where you can not access power in 72 hours. We are working on specific advice. This will be a national campaign, and is based on much of the same logic that the Swedish authorities write in its brochure, Cecilie Daae, Director of Safety and Emergency Planning Directorate (DSB), reports to ABC News.

4.8 million households in Sweden will receive a brochure from Swedish security authorities in the coming days. “If the crisis or war comes”, the title of the brochure is 20 pages long.

Among other things, the authorities want to prepare the Swedes for war, natural disasters, a major cyber attack and military conflicts.

DSB will not print brochures, but will, among other things, use social media to spread the campaign. Before Christmas last year, DSB asked the Norwegian people how they were prepared for different types of events. The survey showed that we have a job to do in terms of knowledge and awareness, says the DSB boss.

My comment on this is:

We are now unsafe and do not have enough resources to avert a possible threat from an eg hacker group or country. The authorities do not provide enough money for security work and the security service is working with old outdated machines and software. I’m sure an attack from a relatively large group of hackers will not be stopped on time. There are too many systems that are vulnerable and are connected to the Internet without any particular security. So I do not feel safe in the country I live in.

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