Knowledge Minister Jan Tore Sanner: To lift students with the weakest starting point

Monday, June 4, 2018

Knowledge Minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) acknowledges that neither current nor former governments have succeeded in lifting everyone at school.

Next year, he will come up with a separate statement on how to raise the pupils with the weakest starting point. The number of pupils who drop out of secondary education is slowing down, but remains the main concern for knowledge minister Jan Tore Sanner (H). In addition, he sees that some students are hanging out after almost one day in the first school years.

Now the school council and the right-wing leader are aiming to become the politician who made social equalization and lifted all the students in the Norwegian school. Statistics Norway has calculated that pupils with parents who have only primary education have 40 percentage points lower probability of completing high school compared with a parent with masters.

This example uses Sanner to illustrate the differences in the children’s starting point before starting in kindergarten and school. The school must elevate all students, regardless of how much education their parents have. Here the Norwegian school is not good enough. Still, we see that the opportunities for the pupils are affected by the parents’ background, educational level and where in the country they go to school, says Sanner to VG.

– Social differences that are inherited to students are pointed out in school for decades. Why should we believe that you are doing something about this?

– Because we have decided that we will succeed. We must succeed with this. The left side has only been keen to talk about tax when they have talked about social smoothing. But there are kindergartens and schools that are the main arenas for this. Several schools have shown that it is also possible to lift those with a tougher starting point than others. They have found the key. We must learn these, Sanner answers.

“We must think more fully and become more aware of how we can make a good and inclusive offer for the children. We have safe school environments and good kindergartens where the children thrive and diversity is appreciated. Children and young people have different needs, and there is not only one answer to how to make the children master and succeed, “says Sanner.

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