Jobseeker: ‘I hope I get to slaughter all of you’

Thursday, october 1, 2015

A twenty-year-old Norwegian man sent a series of job applications in which he praised mass killer Anders Breivik and threatened to blow up his prospective employers.

The man, who unsurprisingly was not invited for any interview, has been charged by police and will appear in court next week. According to Norwegian web news site ABCnyheter, the man made his first threats in an application for a job at Akershus University Hospital.

In the middle of his application, the man wrote: “Damn racists. I hope I get to slaughter all of you soon. It’s not so fucking strange that Anders Behring Breivik became a terrorist in Norway.” After failing to get that job, he applied for a job at a local council in Oslo.

“What should I do?” he wrote in the application. “Yes, I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll blow you all to bits. Bomb the crap out of you all (…) Long live Anders Behring Breivik.” Again, the man was not offered a position.

He then uploaded his CV to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration’s (NAV) website. The CV included the phrases “I will get my revenge,”  “Death to all NAV dictators”, and “Long live the Islamic State”.

The man’s defence lawyer Bjørn Rudjord told Norway’s TV2 broadcaster that his client planned to plead guilty to making the threats, but hoped to be able to explain that he had been feeling frustrated at the time.

Background :
Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in two separate attacks in 2011, by placing a bomb in the government quarters in Oslo and shooting 69 people at a political youth camp.

My comment on this is:

We can see more of such litigation in the future. Muslims now make their religious content public. Sharia law comes to the surface. Norwegian values are now put to the test, and we will get the result of the trial in Oslo’s high court. It may take a while because Norwegian courts are slow in the process of prosecution. I am against all forms of Islamic influence in Norway. They may have their religion, but it is private and NOT public.

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