Iron metal bars are set around the castle

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Seven years after the worst terrorist attack on Norwegian soil in peacetime, the royal properties will finally be secured.

The government granted NOK 140 million over the state budget for the year to implement safeguard measures in the royal properties, and now the work on the first measures starts, according to Aftenposten. The project has a total framework of NOK 592 million over four years. It is the castle that most definitely costs the protection against terrorist acts.

Around the entire castle property, it should be placed out of short iron metal bars. In some places, walls and fences will be built. The iron metal bars must be fixed, but in some places it will be possible to raise and lower them. The purpose is to ensure better control of who enters the property.

“It is important to point out that the Castle Park is still open. We definitely do not want to shut people out, on the contrary. We want to invite people, “says Lars Ivar Frøystad, Security Manager.

In addition to the regular transfers to the royal house of about 200 million NOK annually, the government has granted tens of millions of NOK to terrorism since 2014. A large proportion of the money has remained unused. The castle agreed to NTB last year that the security work was slow in the start-up phase, but that it had achieved good progress.

The measures to be implemented are in accordance with the recommendations in a safety analysis. The Police Directorate was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice after the terrorist attacks against the government quarter and Utøya on July 22, 2011.

The background is the need for increased security around private and public buildings and businesses with high national or symbol values ​​after the terrorist acts. This is a large and comprehensive project. The project launched the safety assessment in the 2011/2012 transition. The analysis that forms the basis for further work was completed in December 2015, says Frøystad.

The goal is to complete the security measures in 2021.

My comment on this is:

Insecurity is spreading across the country, and now it’s the turn of the castle. We have Muslims in Norway who may be in terror. Last time there was an ethnic Norwegian, but the future is probably Islamic terror. Islam is a violent ideology that is incompatible with Western human rights or society. In Islam, you have no value if you have not been to Koran schools and attend the mosque regularly. Therefore Islam is dangerous and the origins of many terrorist attacks in recent times.

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