Hamar municipality receives compulsory school did not take measures for pupil

Monday, June 18, 2018

The municipality of Hamar is obliged to pay 100,000 kroner to the county governor after a school has not implemented measures to improve the working environment of a school student.

The compulsory fine is one of the first in the country after the change in section 9a on the psychosocial environment of the students came into force last year.

“This is the first time our county governor’s office is making a compulsion after this amendment. Nor is I aware that others have done it earlier, says Anne Cathrine Holth, Director of Education at the County Governor of Hedmark, to VG.

The sharpening of the legislation was one of the results after the government and the Parliment went through the authorities’ measures against bullying and – for a better student environment at school.

Did not secure the student’s right

The county governor in Hedmark concluded just before Christmas last year that the school in question did not do what could reasonably be expected to ensure the student’s right to a safe and good school environment.

According to the decision, compulsory fraud was notified as an instrument on 13 February this year if certain measures were not implemented within the deadlines set.

The notification of forced compulsion was repeated after a meeting a month later – March 15, as a result of information that the measure was not implemented by the current school.

Nor was a deadline for the implementation of the measure to be met, according to the County Governor’s decision on compulsion.

The decision can not be appealed, according to the Education Act section 9A-12.

It is after that VG does not understand a pronounced mob case that has caused the forced compulsion. But more of a matter of adaptation, custom training, well-being and security for a single-television.

Sorry that the student was not taken care of

Education Director Anne Cathrine Holth of the County Governor of Hedmark will, for the sake of the students, not go into detail about how the Hamar School has failed in the organization of the student at the current school.

Knowledge manager Dordy Wilson in Hamar municipality says they take the case seriously and regret that the student has not been well taken care of.

“We will do our best to give the student a safe and good school day. We now have an activity plan that the county governor has approved, and we are working specifically on this, “Wilson told VG

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