Google makes big changes

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Photos, Gmail, Calendar, Translator, Play, Maps and much, much more. We are all becoming increasingly dependent on filing services, whether it’s Apple’s infrastructure, Microsoft’s Azure Sky, or any of the many other service providers.

But no matter what you prefer, you probably have to relate to Google’s huge offer of cloud services. To have access to both images, documents, mail and everything else on all platforms, regardless of your personal preferences for brand loyalty, is undeniably quite practical.

Google One

The night to May 15th, the news was that Google is making changes to some of its cloud services – initially the actual cloud storage. Google Drive (Google Drive in English) changes name to Google One and resets subscription prices in the same slumber. And contrary to what is common when big technology companies make such a crunch, it’s not a question of raising prices. Google does the opposite here. Sky storage in Google One will be cheaper than before.

Google will also open in the future for sharing your storage with up to five family members. Google One users will also get upgraded accounts to romp in. So far, we only have US prices, but it would be astonishing to us if they differ a lot from those offered to us here in Norway.

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