Fears revenge actions in Malmö: – Now hell begins

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A young gang leader who survived the shooting episode in Malmö Monday is pointed out as the real goal. A revenge is highly likely, says sources in the environment to Swedish newspapers.

Three men were killed and three others injured after being shot at an internet cafe in the Swedish city on Monday around the clock. 20.

“The people involved in the incident are counting as gang criminals, and run seriously organized crime in Malmö,” says police chief Stefan Sintéus. According to the police, there are several ongoing conflicts between the criminal gangs, which, among other things, are doing drug sales.

Internet cafe was the hangout for the gang

According to sources the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has talked with, the goal of the shooting episode was a 21-year-old man who survived the attack with lighter injuries. He is the leader of one of the city’s criminal gangs.

The young man has previously been charged with gross crime and killing.

“It’s possible this was a revenge motive for the murder that he has previously been detained for,” said a source of the newspaper.

The shots were fired from a dark car, against the internet cafeteria Galaxy, which is only a few hundred meters from the police station on Porslingsgatan in Malmö. The car disappeared from the scene at high speed.

People in the environment, as the newspaper Expressen spoke to, does not necessarily mean only the 21-year-old was the target. “Then they had not done a” drive city “shooting to hurt as many as possible. This attack was another mark, says one of them.

Fearing reaction in the gang environment

Several sources mean that one must now prepare for a revenge from the survivors.

– This is the beginning of a hell, says one of them and encourages people to stay indoors in the coming months, says a man from the environment to Expressen.

The police also fear more shooting episodes.

“There is always a risk of some kind of retaliation, recognizes Sinteus police chief:

“When you deal with these people, there is always a risk of revenge. These people are very easily offended by each other. We regret unfortunately that there may be a revenge action, says Stefan Sintéustil Sveriges Radio Wednesday morning.


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