Election expert believes The Labor Party(Ap) loses 80 mayors

Monday 28, May 2018

TV 2’s speech expert Terje Sørensen does not believe the Labor Party gets more than 120 mayors in next year’s municipal elections. Today, the party has 203 mayors.

“About 50 of today’s mayors are at risk of losing to the Center Party,” says Sørensen to Bergens Tidendene.

The Labor Party has so far in May an average support of 24.3 percent, according to BT. It is 8.7 percentage points lower than the total  results for municipal elections in 2015. However, party leader Jonas Gahr Støre does not worry about Sørensen’s forecasts.

– Such predictions are always heard. But I think we will take a lot of time for the election, “Støre told the newspaper.

He believes what will determine the local elections is whether the voters believe the Labor Party has delivered while they have been in power in the municipalities. The goal is to keep all the more than 200 AP mayors.

“I think most of our mayors have very good results to show and will be re-elected,” says Støre.

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