Diabetes 2 and diabetic neuropathy are very difficult to live with

Thursday, May 24, 2018

These are complications due to high blood sugar over time. I had this for many years before I got trouble in 2013 and went to the doctor. I was tested and the samples showed a long-term blood sugar of over 11. My health was harmed by this, so I had to change my diet.

After a while, the sugar went down to a more lively 6.8 / 7.0. Now the sugar is at 5.8 / 6.0. But it does not help my feet. They are painful and my medicine Lyrica has a limited effect. I sleep badly and wake up early in the night. My quality of life is limited and I can not walk far.

For that reason, I have received an electric scooter from NAV, Labor and Welfare Administration. The application took a long time, but I got the scooter in 2014, almost a year after I was diagnosed. It goes about 40 kilometers on a load, so I get around.

The days are hard and dominated by remembering taking pills. I’m not looking forward to what the future will give me of several late injuries. I can not eat high-sugar foods or high carbohydrate foods, which gives me major restrictions in food selection.

So I hope scientists on diabetes find something revolutionary, which gives me future hope and the belief that I can do this.

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