Crisis survey for the Labor Party’s Raymond Johansen in Oslo

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Labor Party and City Council leader Raymond Johansen drops 10 percentage points on VG’s fresh Oslo survey. Just over a decade before the municipal elections, it is the right wing majority in the capital. At VG’s survey for Oslo, Ap receives 22.3 percent support, while the Right wing receives 33.1 percent.

Thus, the Labor Party has lost every third electoral vote from the municipal elections in 2015. Then the party received 32 percent and the “Labor-green” coalition took over the city council’s power after 18 years of right wing rule. Among the former voters of the Labor Party, almost half of them say that they have found a new party, most on the right wing side. The other half settles on the fence and states that they are uncertain whether they will vote for the Labor Party again.

Worst since the war

Should this be the result of the municipal elections on 9 September next year, it would have been the Labor Party’s worst election in recent times in Oslo. The overview of above all municipal elections in Oslo back to World War II (1945) shows that the Labor Party  has never had such bad support in the capital. It is thus far up to the party’s best result in the city from 1955, where The Labor Party received 58 percent of the attendance.

“Just a week and a half ago, we had a survey that still showed Labor-green majority in Oslo. Here it turns and nothing is settled. It is more than a year for the municipal elections, and at that time, the Labor Party will use the city’s good results and ambitions for Oslo, “says party leader Jonas Gahr Støre in a text message to the major newspaper VG.

For a Labor Party that is currently down with broken back, it will be very important to retain power in the country’s capital at the elections in 2019. The Labor Party City Council leader Raymond Johansen will not comment on VG’s survey.

Revolutionary good

The City Council’s support party “Red” (marxism) does revolutionizing well on the survey. With 8.7 percent, leader Bjørnar Moxnes’ of the party is becoming Oslo’s third largest party.

– Final is the Northern Norwegian conditions in Oslo. At last election we got 10 percent in Bodø and 15 percent in Tromsø. It would only be sad if the capital did not come after. I’m not surprised if we get a Northern-Norwegian level in Oslo at the election in one year, “says Moxnes to VG.

Although both “Red” and Socialist Left Party have progress on VG’s survey, it will not last. The Labor Party’s weakening means that the city council empire in Oslo can die: The bourgeois side with the Right, The Progress Party and Left side has a purely majority alone – and with Christian People’s Party the bourgeois majority will be further strengthened.

– If the left side goes to the election to strengthen welfare, we will win again. But to be unclear and show off differences between right and left side is the recipe for selection, “said Moxnes.

– Has it been done in Oslo?

“I can not afford any advice, but nationally they have said it has become too much settlement and compromise with the bourgeois. We’ll see if they change it now. It’s up to them, “said Moxnes.

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