Conspiracy theories about Hitler buried:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

He did not escape to Argentina on a submarine

Scientists have examined the dictator’s teeth and skulls.

For those who might have thought that Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler did not die in 1945 but, on the other hand, fled to Argentina in a submarine, the suspicion can now definitely be buried.

We can stop all these conspiracy theories about Hitler. He did not fly to Argentina in a submarine, he is not in a hidden base in the Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon, says professor Philippe Charlier, a specialist in medical and legal anthropology, to AFP news agency.

Charlier has previously also been noted with investigations of historical individuals, both Richard Lionheart and Jeanne d’Arc.

Died in 1945

He and four other French scientists received access by the Russian intelligence service FSB and Russian state archives in 2017 to investigate a skull that was said to originate from Hitler. According to Charlier, the skull shone well with radiographic surveys made by Hitler’s skull one year before his death.

Our study shows that Hitler died in 1945, the French professor says very definitely.

Bullet and cyanide

The balloon hole in Hitler’s skull and blue deposits on Hitler’s dental prostheses, according to Philippe Chariger’s opinion, can end a discussion as to whether the dictator died of shooting himself or eating cyanide.

“Most likely, both are”, says Charlier to AFP.

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