Christian student proposes Muslim holiday

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The leader of the Norwegian Christian Student Union, Ingvild Yrke, proposes to “give away” some of the Christian holidays to the women’s movement, the environmental movement and Muslims.

Yrke follows a recent release from the priests Einar Gelius and Per Anders Nordengen that there are too many Christian holidays. In an interview with the newspaper Klassekampen, the student proposes to replace the so-called second days (second Christmas Day, Easter Day and other Pentecost).

International Women’s Day March 8, World Environment Day and Id Al-Fitr or Id Al-Adha are good alternative public holidays, says Yrke. She shows, among other things, that the second days are a survival from the time when many needed an extra day to get to the church. In addition, she believes that it will be a charity act to give the Muslims a day off.

My comment on this is:

I think Muslim anniversaries in Norway should never come. We are a country of long Christian traditions. We must continue with that, even though Christian values ​​are coming down. We must keep the traditions and do not bow to the Muslims. Islam is on the rise in all Western countries, so we must take care of our own future.

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