China expresses strong dissatisfaction

Monday, May 28, 2018

with the fact that two American warships have sailed past an island that China claims in the South China Sea.

The Chinese Department of Defense said they sent a ship to warn the two American vessels while they were near one of the Paracel Islands. The ministry said that the two ships sailed into Chinese waters without requesting permission.

The United States makes it clear that they sail their ships in the South China Sea to enforce the right of free movement on the ocean and make their opposition to the Chinese demands of the controversial sea.

This posted China Daily today:

#PositionChina China resolutely opposes two US warships trespassing into China’s territorial waters off the Xisha Islands, said a Ministry of National Defense spokesman.
– China Daily (@ChinaDailyUSA) May 28, 2018

China claims 90 percent of the South China Sea, including waters belonging to the territorial waters of the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries around the South China Sea. The Chinese are building bases and facilities on islands and shores that the other countries claim.

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