A little heavy thoughts about my finances

Saturday 2 June 2018

I have the least disability insurance and in the world’s most expensive country, there is little to live off. I have no savings account and can not go to eg the dentist. In the nice summer weather, as it is now, I can not afford to buy me barbecue food. I never imagined life would be as it is now.

I am chronically ill and can not work due to diabetic neuropathy in both feet. I can not go further than a couple of hundred meters, so the pain is so bad that I get sick and unwell. I have an electric scooter, so I can shop for food and a little bit of outings.

Now it has become untenable to only afford food and some few cozy things. I have no family or support from anyone, so it’s hard to cope. Now I write from my heart and dare not think about what you’re thinking about this post. I’m not begging, but looking at it as sponsorship.

I have my own domain, it costs a lot of money in Norway. I subscribe to a local newspaper that also costs. I have to save to this throughout the year. I need a life, so I can afford this.

I appeal to you as a fellow man to sponsor me with a small amount. I do not ask for much, but just so I do not get a bad summer. I thank you for everything you decide.

Thank you in advance, you will find the link here
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