A few updates on a Sunday

Sunday, June 10, 2018

First, I lost my media machine in early May. So a week ago, I lost one of my three NAS (network drives). Then the main server went down because the system battery was dead. So now I’ve lost a lot of movies, music and e-books. My documents on emails from bulletins were fortunately on my PC and backup on another NAS.

But it’s tough for someone who does not have that high income. I have to save for a whole year to get a new server. Fortunately, I have a server with lots of RAM running 3 virtual servers with development software. It’s a bit slow, but I’ll do what I’m going to do.

I currently have 2 NAS and two servers, plus my own PC. Then I have three laptops. I have a laptop in the toilet because I have such a slow stomach. Then I have a laptop on the living room so I can watch TV shows in reprise and those I did not see. The third laptop is in the office of the organization Kompetansen I am a member of.

There are i5 and i7 processors in all machines with enough RAM to run all applications including virtual machines. So I can not complain about the machine park, it’s up to date and I run the following operating systems:

Windows 2012 Server, RRAS, DNS, DHCP, IIS7, PHP, Dell PowerEdge T20
Windows 10, VirtualBox with 3 virtual machines self-contained
Windows 10, my PC self-built

My two NAS are:
ZyXel NSA325 v2 2TB
LaCie 2 Big 2 TB

In the stationary machines there are a total of 12 TB. In two virtual machines, I have both MySQL and MariaDB databases. This to compare the differences. The third virtual machine runs Apache web server. I have a web server in the Dell machine too, it is Internet Information Server and has PHP as FastCGI script.

I try to go to Joomla on my website, but it’s not easy with bilingual network configuration. Joomla is a content system for web pages and is easy to get started with. It requires database, preferably MySQL. So you must have a web hotel with database included to install Joomla.

Well, I’ll see a movie before I’m going to sleep. That’s an action movie I think, look a little now and the rest in bed ……..

(I have gigabit networks both wired and wireless, even my Sony Xperia X supports gigabit wireless. My tablet supports N-standard 150Mbit only, but it’s enough to watch HD movies in bed before I fall asleep.)

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