A bit about diabetes 2 mellitus I have

Monday, May 14, 2018

The disease I have is a chronic complex condition. It has the potential to really worry me. It is described as a disease with high blood sugar due to absolute or relative insulin deficiency, possibly also insulin resistance.

Diabetes mellitus will over time increase the risk of late damage. The risk can be reduced considerably with adequate treatment. The injuries are, among other things, the result that the smallest blood vessels are injured for a long time with high blood sugar.

The blood vessels that are affected are the finest years in the kidneys, the retina of the eye, the peripheral nerves and the legs. This causes poor blood circulation that can cause gangrene in the legs, in some cases with amputation as a result. It can also lead to visual impairment or blindness, kidney damage or erection failure and / or nerve damage.

So there are no good prospects later in life. So I am very careful about sugar and foods with high carbohydrate content. I hope to live long with this, maybe there will be better medicines in the future.

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