VPNs are not secure and “secure” email services are also not secure. Have tried. They probably hacked my phone as well, so they know everything.

I am a 63 year old man. I live in Oslo. I have also lived for five years in Landskrona, Sweden. I consider myself to have opinions about the most that takes place in Norway and the world. On my pages you will be able to read a bit about it, I will try to keep the pages updated.

I was born in Oslo on 28 June 1959 at Aker Hospital. In my childhood I was bothered by bullying. I have ADHD and thus I did not fit in with my fellow students. I have not suffered by this later in life, but I have no childhood friends because of this.

I am single and do not need a partner yet. Life is hard enough with illness that gives little effort to much else. But I have a good mood and look brightly on most of my life. I like to believe that I can handle all the facets of life that come my way.

I have diabetes 2 with diabetic neuropathy in both feet. It limits my mobility to a few hundred meters. But I have an electric scooter that makes me have a good range. I also have good medications that keep this in check.

This was a small introduction of me. I could have written more books about me, but you can read more about me on the Interests page. I will write more on this page.

From now on, I’m writing exclusively here because Facebook censor and blocks me on critical posts. Facebook has been for Islam friendly and it makes me not be able to warn against this totalitarian ideology which masquerades as religion.

It’s nice if you comment on the posts, it gives me a little extra good reason to continue this website.