I am a 59 year old man. I live in Oslo. I have also lived for five years in Landskrona, Sweden. I consider myself to have opinions about the most that takes place in Norway and the world. On my pages you will be able to read a bit about it, I will try to keep the pages updated.

I was born in Oslo on 28 June 1959 at Aker Hospital. In my childhood I was bothered by bullying. I have ADHD and thus I did not fit in with my fellow students. I have not suffered by this later in life, but I have no childhood friends because of this.

I am single and do not need a partner yet. Life is hard enough with illness that gives little effort to much else. But I have a good mood and look brightly on most of my life. I like to believe that I can handle all the facets of life that come my way.

I have diabetes 2 with diabetic neuropathy in both feet. It limits my mobility to a few hundred meters. But I have an electric scooter that makes me have a good range. I also have good medications that keep this in check.

This was a small introduction of me. I could have written more books about me, but you can read more about me on the Interests page. I will write more on this page.


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